Quality Policy

DYNAMIC Systems has self-imposed highest quality as its standard. Therefore the definition of quality is the global approach and covers the following areas:

  • Adherence of the defined and assumed requirements, expectations and needs of customers according functionality, aethetics, costs, appointments
  • Achieving of a marked-based cost-performance ratio
  • Guarantee of the legal insturctions and the responsible norms of the industrial union
  • Our responsibility towards environemnt and the society
  • Quality is not only limited by the final product. Quality applies to:
    • Products and services for the customer along the whole life cycle (planing, development, realisation, usage, removal
    • all business processes
    • working- and environmental conditions
  • Quality is definied by the particular application and how good the the features of a product or a service are
  • Quality is not a fixed or permanent size, it is always defined newly by the view of the customer


The main elements of our quality policy

  • A consequent customer orientation entails customer satisfaction
  • An increase of customers value ensures our economical success and with it employment
  • The employee is the most important factor of success
  • Simple and controlled processes as the basis of customer requirements for a zero-fault-strategy
  • Handling with complaints and mistakes as key process
  • A reliable and close partnership with our suppliers ensures the essential delivery reliability and flexibility
  • Management is targeted directing
    For further questions our quality manager Mr. Miller is pleased to answer  your questions via mail miller@dynamic-systems.de