Thermal Conduction Film


Thermal conductive insolting sheet made of soft surface for low contact pressure.

To ensure an ideal change from the warm loosing component to the cooling element, etc. the application of thermal conductive film is necessary. By th usage of thermal conductive films uneveness (Surface-roughness) is been balanced and the circulating ambient air (danger of heat accumulation) is suppressed.

Mode of operation

As a function of component size, height of dissipaton loss respectively heat current density several filmtypes can be applied. Further advantages are the simple handling in production. Especially the application if thermal conductive films is not compeletely without problems, because the pulp must be applicated consistently, to realise a preferably effective heat carriage.


• simple handling
• no gas emission
• available as single pad or role product

The challenge
Electrical prefabricated parts prodcue thermal losses. To avoid damage by excessive hear, the heat should be derived in a controlled way and should be derived to the environment.

The solution
Single-sided or double-sided adhesive stampled parts combined with thermal conductive function and isolated component parts reliable with low contact pressure and derive unnesessary heat simultaneously.

These thermal conductive films consist of electric isolated and thermal conductive materials and guard against over-heating of component parts.