Material and components, which are applied on the Northern American market, have to be in accordance with special standards and requirements of the common, national approved security norms.

DYNAMIC Systems expands in its portfolio constantly the spectrum of high-quality materials and materialcombinations, which have the UL (Underwriters Laboratories Corp.) quality mark for accepted components, and which are officially qualifed for the Northern American market.

Therefore mainly labelmaterial for electronic- and electrical industry is affected, e.g. polyimide-labels for printed circuit board identification or longlasing polyestermaterial for identification plates, for which citeria like durability and adhesion in special grounds in particular ranges of temperatures have been defined.
The directive of acceptability of the usage of a component in a final good are exposed in the audit report from UL as acceptance criteria.

These and further information you can also find in the online-certification index from UL via www.ul.com. The listed from UL accepted components from DYNAMIC Systems GmbH can be selected with the number MH48716 aufrufen.

The UL-quality marks for the US-American, Canadian and complete Northern American region are noted on the products: