Electronical Kanban (e-Kanban)

Due to kanban a lot of paper and data is saved, with which analysis are made. The analysis of operating data is essential. Depending on the amount of data, it can be capturesd manually, what often is combined with a huge effort.
When kanban cards are added with barcodes, on which all necessary data is deposit, all data can be scanned and be used for any analysis. In that case it will be interesting für company-/factory comprehensive data linking of barcode reader, e.g. sister companies or suppliers.

DYNAMIC Systems implemented a very comfortable e-kanban-solution with RFID. The kanban cards are simply plugged into a monitoring board, where a RFID-antenna is fixed behind. Every card in the reading range of the antenna is forwarded automatically from thr RFID-reader to the inventory management system. Therefore a direct, user-friendly and fast data linking between kanbancard and IT-systems is guaranteed.

e-kanban improves the transparancy and the flow of information to all internal and external customers-/supplierrelationships and helps to expose weak spot and potentials. Manual activities can be reduced by synchronus increasing of performance.

Advantages of e-kanban:

• Higher flow capacity and time-saving
• Reduced error rate
• Fast and extensive data collection
• Higher customer satisfaction due to shorter delivery times

Used RFID-system:

RFID-label: Smart Label 80 x 49 mm in kanban-plugging-case
Frequency: HF - 13,56 MHz
Chip: Philips I Code, ISO 15693
Reader: Midrange-Reader MR100-A
Antenna: Frameantenna 300 x 300 mm