Container identification

Due to RFID-identification the tracability and permanent control of container is very simple. Higher flow capacity and lower loss in the pool are the result. For the labelling high quality RFID-labels (smart-labels) made of polyesterfilm are used. These are developed for the application in rough environements and do even ensure the common cleaning process. Thanks to bunch capture up to hunderds of labels can be read in shortest time.

• Higher flow capacity and time reduction
• Roughness and reduced error probability
• Increased customer satisfaction by improved quality

According to the application customized RFID-labels with HF or UHF-transponder are applied.

a) Identification of synthetic container (500 x 400 mm):
RFID-label: PET, 50 x 50 mm with permanent adhesive
Frequency: HF - 13,56 MHz
Chip: Philips I Code SLI, ISO 15693
Hardware: RFID-printer, Reader with Gate-antenna

b) ESD-synthetic container for PC-production:
RFID-label: special label 80 x 50 mm
Frequency: HF - 13,56 MHz
Chip: Philips I Code UID
Hardware: RFID-printer, handheld

c) Identification of metal pallet cage:
RFID-labels: ABS Hard-tag, 60 x 50 mm with a whole for the fixation with wire straps
Frequency: HF - 13,56 MHz

d) Pallettidentifcation (range > 1m):
RFID-label: Paper label 4 x 6" (102 x 152 mm)
Frequency: UHF- 868 MHz
Chip: Philips U Code ePC 1.19
Hardware: RFID-printer, Reader with 4 antennas