Printed Circuit Boards II

For a customer in the field of OWM our partner Brady developed a custom-made solution for the application of printed circuit boards.

The labels have to fulfil the following requirements:
• Durability for extreme temperatures, which are common in printed circuit board production
• Printability in a variety of thermal transfer printer worldwide
• Customized, hidden identification characteristic, to monitor the originality of the product in case of repairing within guarantee time

As solution Brady developed a barcode-label, that fulfilled all mentioned requirements above. 
The protection of forgery is a microscopic, anorganic marker with chemical inactive characterstics, which can only be recognized and identificated with a special detector. 

In the further process of the label development one further specification must be added: The label must offer a mechanism, that makes burglary useless.

Bradys solution was a serialisation plan, with which every label could be traced. Because of the little space on the label, the serial number is printed on the back of the liner material.

With this project it can be shown, that in the contemporary environment the fitting combination of technologies, which is developing a customized solution. Only in that way it is guaranteed, that all requirements for extreme demanding product can be fulfilled. 

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