Light- and non-aging cable marker for in- and outside

In industrial cable packaging one of the two cable ends gets a definite cable ID, which allows a clear assignment.  Partially the naming can also be executed for the whole cable loom, to guarantee a correct allocation.
These cable IDs are normally deposit in the electrical connection diagram, to simplify a error search in the case of need.

For this reason it is an advantage, when cable identification is durable against a variety of adversities and therefore enables a permanent idenfication.

The specific choice of material of the self-laminating cable identification labels of DYNAMIC Systems offers a maximum of protection and durability, at once flexibility and adaptability for different cable types and diameters.

The labels base - according to the design - on a transparent vinyl-film or polyester, are partial white furnished for a good readability of marking and are printable via thermal transfer or laser. When these labeles are winded around the cable, the excessive labelmaterial can be used as self-adhesive cover lamination. Due to the performing acrylate adhesive the cable marker is permanente adhesive in a wide range of temperature.