Smart manufacturing for printed circuit board marking

During smart manufacturing machines and systems refer on data, to increase production efficiency, developing flexible manufacturing processes and to react on fluctuations of demand.

To guarantee the process of Smart Manufacturing reliably, we offer product labels and identification systems of our partner Brady in the field of printed circuit boards. Due to the unbroken traceability during the demanding production the efficiency can be increased, tap into new markets and approach more customers.

Thanks to full-automated solutions it is possible that Smart Manufacturing can be implemented reliably and quickly. Therefore we offer automatic applicable labels, performing printers and application systems of our partner Brady.

Label solutions for printed circuit board marking
The polyimide-label B-7727 of our partner Brady offers by its small label width and the fitting, smaller ribbon the best compatibility for the automated application process with the applicator.

Special features:

  • Small label width
  • High placement accuracy and label application speed
  • Low risk of adhesive leaking
  • Durable against extreme cleaning procedures and -products, high temperature (300°C), chemicals and abrasion
  • Suitable for backflow and wave soldering processes, as well as printed circuit board cleaning
  • Placement of labels on upper- and underside
  • Surface placement or through-hole technology

Another special material for the application of printed circuit board marking is the covering foil B-7634. This foil is used in wave soldering processes and hot air leveling with high temperatures. Or alternatively as protection foil on printed circuit boards, components and contact holes. The polyimide film can be applicated automatically and be removed residue-free.

The printer Brady i7100 is optimal for the reliable printing of labels for printed circuit board marking, which guarantees precise results even when printing a high volume. For further information of this high performance printer please click here.

The fully-automated applicator Brady ALF14 can be implemented easy and quick in nearly all manufacturing facilities and therefore enables a trouble-free process in application. For further information of this applicator please click here.