Track & Trace in explosive industry

Together with our project partners DYNAMIC Systems develops for several years solutions for track & trace in explosive industry and for a practical and successful implementation of the EU-Guideline 2008/43/EG (identification and traceability of explosive goods for industrial purposes).

The objective of this identification-guideline e.g. is the terrorism-defence by unique marking of the explosive all over the complete production and delivery chain. The way of explosives therefore can be retaced all-over and the data from the explosive industry is available transparantely for requests of several civil services for 10 years around-the-clock.

Early hardware- and material-probe

Even in the beginning of the first consideration and guidline-definitions of the EU-commission and the FEEM (Federation of European Explosives manufacturers) in the year 2008, DYNAMIC Systems made a lot of hardwaretests (e.g. printer, labels, ribbons, scanner, labelmachines) and co-operated actively in the choice and the tests of identification material as well as the specification of datamatrix-codes, data content and the structure within the industry. In co-operation with the German Explosive Union and the IT-Partner TTE-Europe GmbH additionally interfaces for the used software as well as suitable contents and the layout of the labels has been created. In the development the emphasize was on adherence of the challenging safety regulations, a rough execution, a low maintenance demand, a simple integration, the price and the speed.

These specific developed and applied solutions for the particular customer from DYNAMIC Systems for automated, half-automated or manual identification of explosives have been used successfully of the leading producers in this industry since 2012. These manufacturers are:
DYNAEnergetics GmbH & Co. KG
EURODYN Sprengmittel GmbH
LHS-Germany GmbH
Sprewa Sprengmittel GmbH


Explosive labelling well-tried on-site:

1.    Perforator-labelling

For DYNAenergetics a solution for automated labelling for perforators at two locations in Germany and in USA has been developed. The definition of the project was, to label a product with a very small available area (max. 10x10 mm) with a label of 8x8 mm incl. EU-conform datamatrix codes within a roboter cell. The emphasize was on Maximum speed and accuracy of the labelleling, because the output of production machines should not be influenced.

For some products, which can not be labeled automatically, additionally half-automated machines have been developed. Here the products are inserted into the machine manually and are then marked by the automat.

2.    Banner-Labels for detonation wires

DYNAenergetics is not only operating in production and processing of explosives, but also one of the leading producers of detonators. For this application field a semi-automatic machine has been developed together with DYNAMIC Systems, which can fix banner-labels on detonation wires. For the identification a role with pre-printed labels is inserted in the automat, transported manually to the detonators and the label is folded around the detonation wire as a very exact banner.

Here as well the choice of materials has been made and been systematically tested by DYNAMIC Systems in close co-operation with the customer DYNAenergetics, to fulfill the trade-specific requirements according EU-guideline focussing the information regulations for explosives. 

"The planning and realisation to fulfill the EU-guidelines together with DYNAMIC Systems has been very sucessful, trouble-free, fast and reliable", says executive producer Martin Klein and adds: "The competence and the commitment of DYNAMIC Systems GmbH, especially the project adviser Peter Michalski, helped us to find an excellent, practical, rough and low-cost solution. The course of the project and the results have been to our complete satisfaction!"


Identificationmaterial and print from one hand

DYNAMIC Systems not only produces labels. The system supplier for industrial identification prints them in the on-site print-centre as well with continuously datamatrix-code for customer requirements, checks their contents via scanner or camera for the correctness and delivers finished label-rolls ready for processing.


Softwaresolutions and extensive additional options for explosive industry

Furthermore DYNAMIC Systems supports in this project the software-partner TTE-Europe GmbH, to realise the established identification requirements from the legislator since 05.04.2015 as well for all traders, transports and consumers as practical track & trace solution.

The EU-conform hardware and software of 2008/43/EG already offers a variety of additional functions, which optimizes and simplify a lot of processes in companies, e.g. an electronic stock book, XML-documents for a transparent delivery route or the integration of present software with the preparation of data for internal use (stock, procution planning, samples, returns, commission, inventory and so on) and much more.