Printing solutions for public transport from Zebra

The demand of public transport raises continuously. At once the requirements for public transport increaes concerning service and price and the competitiveness must be extended due to a growing amount of provider.

Beside the previous tasks - the sale of tickets and penitent fees - conductors must offer travel information and additional information as well. Mobile applications and printers from our partner Zebra support employees ideal. Tickets and fees can be printed on spot and innovative payment options can be accepted directly.
A prompt allocation of travel information offers the possibility to print timetables and railraod information immediately. The result: higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

For longer train-, bus- ship or flight journeys the handheld can be used as POS-terminal to sell food or beverages, the calculation of fees, issue of receipts on a Zebra printer and even for the coordination with backend-systems, to enable a better inventory management.