Making safety visible

In 1983, Scafftag introduced the innovative visible status tagging system for scaffolding and the name scafftag has become synonymous with scaffold inspection tagging. The Scafftag® product range offers complete information management solutions through safety, maintenance and identification of all major industrial equipment and workspaces.

• Scafftag® products provide system, procedural and legal compliance
• User friendly and weather resistant
• Saves valuable time when preparing safety audits
• Provides a clear inspection trail giving integrity and control of work carried out
• Essential for companies working with ISO9000 clients
• Choice of sizes and inserts with the abolity tp customise
• A small price to pay for a system that saves life
• Broad choice of sizes in holders and inserts
• Alternative colour coded inserts - Scafftag® inserts printed with informative graphics and inspection details on the front face. They are colour coded according to the loaded of the scaffolding.
• The complete package - Packs that contain everything you need to get started