Within the European pharmaceutical industry Germany achieves the highest sales.

The production and commercialisation, as well as the pharmaceutical research and development constitute an enormous economical factor.

Next to the explicit and safe labelling, which can be the reason of time- and cost savings, the quality control is a indispensable constant within this industrial sector. Additionally criteria like unique product labelling and traceability, as well as working safety according to the current standards have an important role. Special material durabilities, e.g. very low temperatures or mechanical demands of functional labels are required.

Last but not least also the pharmaceutical industry has to face the problem of product safety. According to the estimation of the World Healthy Organisation over one percent of legal bought medicines are faked. The reliable identification of medicine has become an important aspect of quality insurance and a rising of product safety. To guarantee this and due to the regulated requirements, in the next few years European markets will introduce a mass serial program, which plan the application of a machine-readable 2D-Data-Matrix Code.

As system provider DYNAMIC Systems not only offers hard- and software components, but also provides for the needs of the pharmaceutical sector adjusted, extensive and customized identification solutions for automated identification, traceability, working safety and product protection.