Identification of cables and components

Not correct labeled or even non-marked labels and components are a time-consuming factor for every installation professional in his work. A portable Brady-Printer can help within seconds - even with die-cut and customized labels.

A flexible solution for cable identification
The most common identification for wires and cabels are labels with several colours, added with a strong adhesive. Text or code can be printed for several times on every label, so that the information can be seen in every ankle. Therefore mostly self-laminating labels are used, so that a longtime durability and readability is guaranteed.

Moveable identification
Is a moveable identification needed, shrink tubes are the best choice. These are out on the cable before the closure, then being put in the right position and finally the shrink tube will be fixed. For the various applications Brady can offer shrink tubes in several colours and applications for several requirements like halogenfree, dieseldurable and permanent against high temperatures.