The new special material PEKOL® of DYNAMIC Systems GmbH defies even toughest environmental conditions and is therefore suitable for durable applications in- and outdoor. PEKOL® is fireproof up to 300°C and is resistant against chemicals. Next to a high mechanical stability and a high abrasion resistence the material is distignuished by extreme stability of dimension and is additionally longterm hydrose-solid. Therefore it is not only suitable for identification tasks, but also as constructive element for applications of every kind, where it is necessary to create surfaces abrasion-proof, to isolate thermal or electric or to protect against aggressive chemicals substances.

PEKOL® is inherent flame-retardent and therefore non-halogen appropriate IEC 61249-2-21, and additionally solid in irradiation and for the direct human contact admitted, what even includes the application in surgery areas and a direct contact to food.

The high-temperature-solid adhesive is especially for metallic surfaces designed and offers an excellent adhesion that avoids the appearance of a seedogenic film. The strong adhesive allows a continuous safety of manipulation whereby a solid identification via PEKOL® labels is guaranteed. PEKOL® can be printed with standard thermal transfer printers and is - according to the ribbon - suitable for customized requirements of durability.

PEKOL® can be applicated in manufacturing systems engineering, in medical-technic sectors, in vehicle manufacturing, in electrical industry, in chemical industry as constructive element or as identification liner.