Durable identification for every lab sample

Lab samples are kept in freezers and liquid nitrogen, treated with aggressive chemicals and their containers are heated in hot water baths. Now our pPartner Brady produced identification labels, which are applicable especially for these rough environmental conditions.

Kyro samples
FreezerBondz labels can be placed very easily on ampules and tubes and can be printed with data like QR-codes and other barcodes. The marking even stays readable, when kept in liquid nitrogen or being heated in cooking water or comes in contact with DMSO, xyklen or ethanol.

Flasks and tapered containers
Therefore Brady offers a very flexible label, which can easily been wrapped around the curved sample container. The good readability is guaranteed - even in extreme temperatures in freezers, liquid nitrogen and autoclaves or when they get in contact with several chemicals.

Object plates and tissue cassettes
StainerBondz Labels have been developed especially for the identification of object plates. Their readability always stays in a good readability, even when they are suspended with aggressive chemicals, which are used in the hamatoxylin-eosin-coloring in histopathology.