Ideal printing solutions for workaday life in hospital

To optimize the fields of safety, comfort and efficiency in hospitals, our partner Zebra offers various printing solutions. Barcodes and RFID can be used to guarantee explicit patient identification and to optimize processes in hospitals.

Health records with printed Barcode labels ensure a unique and reliable traceability of the particular case history and can be identified clearly.

The exact and readable identification of lab samples is indispensable. Printing solutions of Zebra offer continuous high-quality printed labels for different usage sites.

The outgo of medicine is alinged with a high expenditure of time, to avoid the risk of confusion. Mobile printer offer the possibility, that hospital-pharmacists can label the medicals of each pateint on ward and therefore saves time, because further travel paths are inapplicable. Additionally there is the possibility, that the hospital pharmacy printes barcode-labels for single dosage and therefore guarantees a complete traceablity.

Blood bolts for transfusions are signed routinely by barcodes containing Information of blood groups. With an additional label with the Patient details of the receiver, further safety checks can be made.