Electronic industry is Germany´s second biggest industrial sector and one of the biggest export industries.

To guarantee innovations and highest quality permanent and constantly, a continued improvement of the automated and mainly computer-operated precision manufacturing is indispensible. Also suppliers in this industrial field have to fulfil these qualitative requirements and have to prove this by certifications.

The temporary and therefore resulting monetary profit, which can be achieved by identification, is very high especially in this industrial sector which is signed by automation. A decisive role is played by the label material, which bear up especially under thermal, chemical and mechanical reliability and good readability even for small codes. Alternatively laser labelling can be applied.
Furthermore product safety, as well as working safety within the electronic manufacturing company,  play a decisive role.

DYNAMIC Systems offers in its product portfolio additionally a wide spectrum of exclusive high-quality materials, which have the UL quality mark (Underwriters Laboratories Corp.) for approved components and which are especially suitable for the North American market. In this connection it´s mainly about label material, for which specifications like durability and adhesion on special surfaces in defined temperature areas are designed.

As system provider DYNAMIC Systems not only offers single hard- and software components, but also for the needs on electronic sector adapted, extensive and customized identification solutions for automated identification and traceability.