Identification and Traceability in the electronics industry

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) without surface applied ID features are quite unimaginable today. Traceability throughout the entire production process has become a must for most manufacturing companies. One of the common compliance standards in the industry is an identification that outlasts the actual life-cycle of a product.

Wide product range
DYNAMIC Systems offers numerous special solutions which enable identification throughout all production stages, which results in full traceability - even in high-temperature environments. This allows full control and compliance at any given time.

The following materials are part of our standard product range and are in full conformity with RoHS and REACH guidelines:

DS-Nr. Material Topcoat Material thickness Adhesive thickness Adhesion
max. temp. (short term, 90s) Special featuers UL-cert.
DE-F190 Acrylic film white, matte 50 µ 25 µ 25,0 N 300°C for restricted automatic application yes
DE-F380 PI material white, glossy 38 µ 25 µ 12,5 N 300°C for restricted automatic application yes
DE-F504 PI material white, matte 61 µ 50 µ 12,5 N 300°C designed for automatic application yes
DE-F513 PI material black, matte 38 µ 38 µ 12,5 N 300°C designed for automatic application no
DE-F515 PI material black, matte 25 µ 25 µ 14,0 N 371°C for restricted automatic application no
DE-F532 PI material white, glossy 50 µ 36 µ 14,5 N 370°C designed for automatic application yes


Many well-known companies in Europe trust in our special solutions and selected materials. Day after day millions of our labels made from these materials are successfully processed in equipment supplied by ASSCON, REHM or Vitronics-Soltech where they have to withstand various processes such as re-flow convection soldering and vapor-phase re-flow soldering.

Thanks to special production techniques DYNAMIC Systems manufacture microsize labels with maximum precision for the electronics industry. According to your specifications, our print-center will produce bespoke labels for you, certified by our 100% optical quality control system.

Our experts are at your disposal to give detailed advice.