Simplification and optimizing of laboratory labelling

The huge label assortment of our partner brady, which is used in the fields of biotechnology, agriculture, environment and forensic, offers the following advantages:

  1. Compliance of labels with already available sizes for tubes, object plates and microtiterplates
  2. Reliable readability of lLabels for all users
  3. The material of labels and the marking holds up even adverse environmental conditions, like e.g. storage in the freezer, liquid nitrogen, autoclaves and hot water. Even resolvent do not decrease the readability and stability of These labels.
  4. The information, which are printed on the labels, can be read very quickly.

The usage and application of the labels can occur in different sciences und supports the employees in their GLP conform working stocks.

Do you want to convince yourself of the advantages of special laboratory labelling? Contact us right now (via phone 08153/9096-0 or via mail: to order your free sample-kit of laboratory labelling.