Support for regional companies with forgery-proof vouchers

November 19, 2020

As certified security printing our partner Schwarz Druck realises innovative solutions for apllications in the field of city marketing, customer service or bonus- and voucher systems. Whether restaurants, cultural sites or other recreational facilities - the applications of vouchers are very diverse.

Therefore the use of vouchers can be different:

  • One single company offers its customers a voucher, to redeem it later time for products or services or
  • Several, mostly regional companies unite to one composite and distribute the uniform vouchers together or via a central site. Subsequently the vouchers can be redeemed at all part-taking partners.

Beside the needed, regional presence a longterm customer loyality can be achieved. Additionally small and medium sized companies can be supported effectively and sustainably in the current demanding economical situation.

To protect the individual value of the vouchers and to avoid the use of duplicates or counterfeits, our partner Schwarz Druck recommends the combination of different security features, e.g. holograms, personalisations, security papers and individual die-cuts, which can be integrated into the voucher.

For further information please visit the website of our partner Schwarz Druck: