Brady ALF19

High marking accuracy for printed circuit boards

The new applicator-series ALF19 from Brady enable an effective integration of automated printed circuit board systems. Due to the compact but robust design the ALF19 only needs minimum of space in the production line and distinguishes itself by its fast running. The high marking accuracy, the fast change of materials and the remote access via WLAN for status query provide an increasement of production efficiency and therefore contribute for cost-savings.

The ALF19 is available in the following executions:

  • ALF19-XS: max. label width is 18 mm
  • ALF14-25: max. label wdith is 23 mm
  • ALF-14-40: max. label width is 40 mm
  • ALF-14-55: max. label width is 55 mm

For further information of the new Brady ALF19 please contact us!