DE-F720 PP, white glossy 60µ, very strong adhesive
Material description: polypropylene film, white, glossy, biaxially streched, top coated for car tires | Applications: Specially designed for identification of car tires and other rough surfaces | Label stock thickness: 60 μm, 45 g/m² | Adhesive: CS5: rubber base adhesive, solvent-based | Adhesive thickness: 38 μm +/- 10% | Adhesion: extremely strong permanent adhesive | Adhesion power: 25 N FTM 9 | Opacity: 80% DIN 53146/1 | Web material: glassine paper, white, highly transparent |Web material thickness: 56 μm, 64 g/m² | Temperature range: -20°C up to +40°C | Adhesion temperature: >+10°C |Print method: thermal transfer, flexographic, silkscreen, offset print | Ribbon recommendation: DE-R89 (on unprinted surface) | Storage: 2 years at max. +20°C and 50% r. h. no direct sunlight (non-compliance concerning storage conditions might lead to adhesive ooz and consequently to problems in processing the labels)