ProGlove MARK Display

2D back of the hand scanner with a 1.54" E-Ink-Display

The intuitive ProGlove MARK Display mid-range barcode scanner is a back of the hand model that helps production logistics workers capture 1D and 2D barcodes (including QR and Datamatrix), reliably, quickly and most importantly, hands-free. That’s why it features a high-contrast 1.54” E-Ink display with a resolution of 200 x 200 pixels (188 dpi) – this reduces user eye strain and provides a high-contrast view.

Thanks to its compact measurements of only 50 x 45 x 18 mm (W x H x D) and a low weight of just 48 grams, the MARK Display may be carried comfortably all day long. Plus, there are various gloves and carrying options to which the scanner is easily attached.

The scanning range of the MARK Display is from 30 cm to 150 cm. For easier target acquisition, the scanner marks its target with a laser crosshair. Successful scans are additionally confirmed by a practical triple feedback: acoustic, optical and haptic. So it does not matter how loud the working environment is. The real-time feedback also helps optimise hand movements and thus increase productivity - up to six seconds are saved per scan and the error rate is reduced by up to 33%.

For the good performance of the MARK Display, the back of the hand scanner is equipped with a 670 mAh lithium polymer battery. Plus, it has a battery life of up to 6,000 scans on a single charge. The Bluetooth Low Energy interface also ensures easy connection to Android devices and a reliable wireless transfer rate.